Restoration Works, Inc. is a pioneer in the preservation and restoration field. Since 1982, we have pursued authenticity, exceptional quality, and being green from start to finish.  Our mission was to establish a true restoration facility with the purpose of saving as much of America's now rare, original forest wood as possible.



Restoration Works, Inc. is America's first designed restoration facility.  With 30,000 square feet, the shop holds milling, epoxy, and glazing departments, a spray booth, finishing department and a containment booth.  We are very proud to add our new industrial green stripping station to this extensive list.



Restoration Works, Inc. offers a wide variety of services for your historic restoration needs.  From large projects to small, we can be of help to you.

Wood Window Restoration

Steel Window Restoration

Historic Door Restoration

Chemical Free Paint Removal

Restoration of Historic Glass

Conversion of Historic Windows to Insulating Glass

Historic Furniture Restoration

Architectural Element Restoration

​​Restoration Works, Inc. has always been known for our attention to historic authenticity, superior quality, outstanding reliability, aesthetic sensibilities, use of cutting-edge glass technology, and pursuing green practices.  For over 30 years, we have worked to revolutionize the restoration and paint stripping/removal industry. We adhere strictly to the Secretary of the Interior's Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties. We know that we can provide 100% satisfaction with our work, and that our work speaks for itself.  We have always and will continue to preserve our nation's historic fabric, correctly, sustainably, and sensitively.  Our goal and our purpose is to save beautiful, historic windows, doors and architectural elements with the highest standards in green technology and craftsmanship.


Chicago Sun-Times

Taking Pains with Windows

​By Lee Bey


Traditional Builder

Window Restoration: Always an Option

By Gail Wallace


"Restoration Works provided us with exemplary service, well executed repairs and excellent fabricated products.  They take great pride in their work and have consistently provided our clients with high quality installations.     

William Grosche, Senior Associate

Johnson Lasky Architects


"All windows constructed before the 1930's deserve restoration consideration.  The quality inherent in these original windows is not available for purchase today.  Dense, hard, original forest wood and mortise and tenon joinery are gone from the marketplace.  When you combine the superior quality of an original window with today's technology, you create a perfect window.  The same can be said of any architectural element and very often about furniture.  Not only does restoration preserve the original material, it preserves the craftsmanship and history of the piece.  The greenest materials are the ones that are already present."

​                                                                                     -Gail Wallace, Founder and President

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